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GOP Candidate for Texas Governor: Dick

“I’d gladly execute a convicted adulterer, sodomite or bestialiter. Biblical law is a blessin,” Larry Kilgore wrote in a since deleted Facebook post, sharing a story about so-called “bestiality brothels” in Germany.

I maintain that all people like this Larry Killgore (and Mike Pence and countless others) are so obsessive with gay people because that can’t deny the power of dick. They want it. They gotta have it. And, if they can’t have it, no one can.


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Singapore Sucks

“This application is in reality an attempt to obtain a desired result—that is, formalizing the parent-child relationship in order to obtain certain benefits such as citizenship rights—by walking through the back door of the system when the front door was firmly shut.”

Did this judge really just make an accidental gay joke? Also, fuck Singapore.

Source: Gay Dad Loses Battle To Adopt His Own Biological Child | NewNowNext

I Watch Wrestling for the Articles Bonus: Mike Parrow Comes Out

“Gay men can be the meanest, cruelest people you’ve ever met in your life,” he said. “I was ’fat,’ I was ’ugly,’ I’m a ’closet case,’ and at the time I was just looking to understand what’s going on.”

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